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Degus Henk and IsabelWhen I tell my friends that we have degus as pets they usually respond surprised. "You have a what???" is often their first reaction. If I repeat that we have degus, I once again have to explain what degus are.

Degus are very unknown pets. Most people have never seen, nor heard of them before. Even in some pet stores they don't know about degus. There are not many books about them, and the information on the internet is very scarce. Often the info from books, internet and pet stores is contradictory, so it's hard to find out which is right and which is wrong. In other words, finding out what degus are and how to take care of them is a pretty tough job.

Baby degus. One has a piece of food in it's mouth.This website was originally made in the dutch language. The site was a succes in the Netherlands, that's why we decided to translate it into English. This way, more people can take advantage of it. With this site we hope to increase the degu's popularity as a pet. Another and more important goal is to make sure that degu owners take good care of their pets and learn to treat their degus in the right way.

We cannot guarantee that everything we write is correct, but we tried to make a complete and correct survey about degus and their needs. If you find information on this site which is not correct please let us know, so that we can improve our site.