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Degu According to Pros and Cons

Degus are fun to look at. Here my degus all went into this little bucketIf you are still doubting about purchasing degus or not, it's important to know the advantages and the disadvantages. From my own experience I know many advantages and disadvantages of the keeping of degus. I put these in a list for you, which you see below.


  • Degus are very curious and playful. They are very lively, and they like climbing and jumping very much. This is what makes them a pleasure to watch !!
  • Degus need a big cage, especially the height of it is important. They need a lot of room for climbing. The width and length of the cage may be smaller. So you can very well keep degus at a pretty little surface. Degus really like everything, especially for climbing and gnawing. You can be very creative in furnishing the cage !
  • Degus don't smell bad ( if you regularly clean the cage).
  • You must keep at least two degus, because they are very social. This is fun, because it's nice to see them play together.
  • It is no problem to leave your degus alone for a few days, if you give them enough food and water.
  • You don't have to take a degu male away from the female when she is pregnant or has a nest.
  • Degus don't get a nest as often as other rodents (because the pregnancy lasts three months).
  • Degus won't bite soon and are generally friendly.


  • Degus are not suitable for cuddling. They will never become as tame as a guinea pig or hamster. They don't like being picked up, and it's hard to stroke them, because they walk away when you try to touch them. Degus are usually not suitable for children, because children usually want to stroke their pet, and they want to pick them up.
  • Degus gnaw at everything, and their cage must be made of iron or glass, to prevent it from being damaged. Degus will also try to gnaw at your fingers.
  • If your degus escape, it's a real hard job to catch them. They gnaw at everything, like electricity cables and furniture, and they are very rapid. It's sometimes necessary to use a net for catching them, because you are unable to catch them with your hands (If they escape you can best try to catch them with a trap, like a peanut in a box, which you can close as soon as the degu is in the box).
  • Degus are real nightcrawlers. They become very active in the evening, and they go on until late at night. This can be troublesome when your bedroom is not far from the degu's cage. Degus can get used to you, but they will never become as tame as a guinea pig


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